Navigating the Financial Challenges of Health Care 



Many of us will eventually find ourselves helping our parents or loved ones navigate their  later years. My personal journey in assisting my mother has been a mix of fulfillment and  challenges. Over the past year, I’ve found myself coordinating healthcare and doctors, managing  expenses, and attempting to strike a balance between preserving independence and  acknowledging the possibility of needing assistance in the future. 

Being able to quarterback this process effectively requires educating yourself on a myriad  of subjects: Medical Conditions, Medicare, Private Insurance, Medications, Health Aids,  requirements for admittance to independent living or skilled nursing facilities (both financial and  medical), safeguarding assets from exploitation, and much more. All while trying to give those we  care for the dignity of independence and control.  

Helping my mother through her journey has made it clear to me how crucial preparing for  our own later years is. Having a plan, and preparing financially for the expense, is imperative. Doing  so will help smooth the process for your children when they find themselves looking after you. 

As part of the Wealth Management practice at KinneyMunro we help our clients with these  complex challenges. We share our life experiences and knowledge while helping clients plan for  their futures. We are our clients’ advisors in the truest sense of the word.

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